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Partner Cindy Bamforth Takes Part in Recent Women in Film L.A. Panel Discussion

Sexual harassment has been unequivocally unlawful, in theory, for over three decades.  With the rising flood in recent months of high-profile terminations and resignations stemming from such inexcusable violations, 2017 hopefully marks the make-break point where the law will at last widely apply in practice.

Women in Film L.A. has been a leading advocate against such exploitation in Hollywood since the 1970s.  Spurred by the individual courage of targeted women finally speaking out, the organization held a November 28 Sexual & Gender Abuse in the Workplace panel to raise awareness and offer long-term solutions to this seemingly endemic scourge.

With Women in Film president and Oscar-winning producer Cathy Schulman moderating, panelists included actress Heather Graham, actress/writer Rosette Laursen, casting director Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd, author and attorney Kathleen Tarr, and our own Cindy Bamforth, Bowles Law partner.

Cindy is particularly qualified to speak on the issue, having been our office’s lead in the training of thousands in workplace harassment prevention, investigation and resolution for most of the past decade.  With the extensive press coverage generated, the forum provided her the channel to educate a broad audience on what is and is not unlawful conduct.

The Hollywood Reporter coverage included Heather Graham’s recollections of working with Harvey Weinstein and her looking “to the recent slew of allegations as a breakthrough moment. ‘I found [the allegations against Weinstein] to be so exciting because I felt like woman were finally speaking their truths, and finally being heard, and finally doing something about it.’”

The resulting Los Angeles Times article stated in part: “Cynthia Bamforth, a Pasadena attorney, described how California employment law covers people who work not only for big companies but also for small ones. Independent contractors, job applicants, volunteers and interns also are covered, Bamforth said. She added that there were different forms of harassment, including hostile work environments and ‘quid pro quo’ situations in which someone dangles job advancement in exchange for sex.”

Cindy and our office will continue to educate and enlighten our clients and the public on employee rights and employer duties to address and prevent workplace harassment.

December 8, 2017

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