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Our COVID-19 Forms, Constant Updates

Through 18 months and counting, the pandemic has brought one constant for California employers: change.

Since its initial directive last November, Cal/OSHA has regularly revised and expanded business’s required protocols to check COVID-19’s proliferation.

No sooner had the agency issued on June 29, 2021 its revised COVID-19 Prevention Program (Model CPP) did the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), on July 26, order all health care providers – including dental offices — to verify the COVID vaccination status of all workers in direct or indirect contact with the public and, for those unvaccinated, to require COVID testing at least once per week.

The CDPH went further a week later, on August 3 ordering certain health care providers – including hospitals, surgery centers, and medical clinics – to require COVID vaccination of all their workers in direct or indirect contact with the public, eliminating the minimum weekly testing alternative for those facilities.

Our office is assisting California employers to stay abreast of this shifting legal landscape by revising accordingly our COVID package of policies, protocols and forms. For set fees, this package now includes:

  • COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist (updated July 28, 2021);
  • Cal/OSHA Model COVID Prevention Policy (updated June 29, 2021);
  • Voluntary and Mandatory Vaccination Policies (updated August 27, 2021);
  •  Mandatory Vaccination Policy for Dental Offices (Re: Covid-19 Pandemic) (updated August 17, 2021);
  • Infectious Disease Control Policy (updated July 28, 2021);
  • Hygiene and Safety Policy (updated July 28, 2021);
  • Mandatory COVID Notices (updated July 29, 2021), including notice of COVID exposure; notice to workers’ compensation carrier; and notice to local health department;
  • Optional Families First Coronavirus Response Act Form (updated April 1, 2021); and
  • COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Model Notice (updated April 2021; required for employers with more than 25 on payroll).

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