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The New Normal?   There appears a growing trend of employers — nationwide and abroad – implementing unorthodox methods to assess job candidates such as escape rooms, capture the flag, professional “speed dating” sessions, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, laser tag and cooperative board games. An escape room involves a small group of people locked in a […]

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Respecting Privacy While Obtaining Necessary Info Hiring outside vendors to conduct pre-employment background checks into any criminal record, bad credit history and/or other matters is a common tool for an employer’s informed hiring decisions. Federal and California laws cover the procedures for such checks, designed to balance a company’s right to research and obtain relevant […]

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Inquiries are Limited to Job-Related Skills and Qualities While a manager’s “gut instinct” might work when choosing which candidate to hire, it might not.   Employing an individual who makes a seemingly great first impression in an interview but who turns out to be a dud or hell-on-wheels once in the stress of the working environment […]

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