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Fulfill Required Harassment Prevention Training in Live On-Site Seminars By requiring sexual harassment prevention training on an unprecedented scale by the end of this year, the California legislature has seen fit to make improved relations with employees a legal requirement. See, e.g., Stopping the Jerks and Lurks (April 2019). While the new law permits employers […]

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MANDATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION TRAINING The Rules Have Changed, Are You Ready? With the #metoo movement and the marked rise in media-reported workplace sexual misconduct claims, employers should regularly confirm they are taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination and harassment. California continues to be a national leader in legislating just what constitutes “reasonable.” […]

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2013 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California Businesses

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers is required for 2013.  Attend the seminar on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 held at Jackie Robinson Community Center located in Pasadena, CA at 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. California businesses employing 50 or more workers, including temps and independent contractors, must provide a minimum of two hours of sexual […]

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