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COVID 19-Generated Expansions to Our Model Employee Handbook and Forms The current pandemic has been a game-changing wake-up call for us all. Our firm is proud to be helping clients through the maze of COVID-19 generated workplace laws, much of it from Congress’s hasty construction. Accordingly, we have expanded our 2020 model employment handbook and […]

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Order Our 2020 Updated Model Employee Handbook and Hire-to-Fire Forms Over the past two decades, we have developed and refined a “soup-to-nuts” employee handbook and package of basic hire-to-fire forms and policies. Implementation of these forms and policies will greatly improve a company’s legal protection in employment screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other related issues. […]

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When It’s Time to Contact an Employment Lawyer

Knowing When to Call for Reinforcements  There’s a saying that no-one likes lawyers … until you need one.  While experienced and knowledgeable managers are usually capable of handling basic employment issues, there are pitfalls in the more complex or high stakes situations for which consultation with an employment and labor lawyer is probably a good […]

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