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Fulfill Required Harassment Prevention Training in Live On-Site Seminars

By requiring sexual harassment prevention training on an unprecedented scale by the end of this year, the California legislature has seen fit to make improved relations with employees a legal requirement. See, e.g., Stopping the Jerks and Lurks (April 2019).

While the new law permits employers to comply through online “check the boxes” self-study, providing live anti-harassment training sessions for a workforce is far superior in many ways. For starters, management sends a clear message to employees that they are valued and that preserving workplace dignity, respect and productivity is paramount.

We offer on-site in-person group seminars that in a few hours effectively fulfill both supervisor and rank-and-file employee requirements as an alternative to online anti-harassment training.

This training reflects over 10 years of delivery, with real-life instruction on identification, prevention and internal resolution of workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

The compelling reasons to choose live sessions include:

  • Interaction with trainer and participants, with ability to apply principles to specific work conditions;
  • Immediate answers to questions, benefitting all attendees
  • Employees typically pay closer attention;
  • Proper emphasis on relative importance;
  • Preventative measures emphasized;
  • Live training confirms company commitment to effectively addressing and preventing unlawful or inappropriate workplace conduct; and
  • By all feedback we’ve received, our live sessions are engaging, even fun!

See also:

California employers with five or more on payroll must complete all such training by January 1, 2020.

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