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Tier assignments as of August 31, 2020

“Blueprint” Workplace Return Improving Conditions Statewide

California’s Plan for Reducing COVID-19 and Adjusting Permitted Sector Activities to Keep Californians Healthy and Safe, or the “Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” effective August 31, 2020, is the state’s second major attempt at statewide business pandemic recovery guidelines.  See, California COVID Plan B; Blueprint for a Safer Economy” For a Tiered Return to the Workplace” (Sept. 4, 2020) (Blueprint Article).

The Blueprint assigns each county one of four tiers of risk transmission with California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) assessments conducted weekly:

  • Tier 1; Widespread risk (purple);
  • Tier 2; Substantial (red);
  • Tier 3; Moderate (orange); and
  • Tier 4; Minimal (yellow).

A state-issued chart outlines the degree of restriction for each business type at each tier. City and other local health jurisdictions may choose to require more restrictive health measures. A county will remain in a tier for at least three weeks before it may advance to the next and may only move one tier at a time. See, Blueprint Article.

As the above maps show, conditions appear to be improving from the initial August 31 assessment. The CDPH’s September 22 assessment places:

  • 25 counties now in Tier 1 (widespread risk), down from 38 on August 31;
  • 18 now in Tier 2 (including six Bay Area counties previously in Tier 1) (up from 9 on August 31);
  • 12 now in Tier 3 (up from 9 on August 31); and
  • 3 now in Tier 4 (up from 2 on August 31).

The CDPH also posts a statewide 6.4 average new cases/day/100,000 population, down from 10.9 new cases posted on August 31. The seven-day average percentage of positive tests is now 3.6% of total tests, down from 6.0% on August 31.

Of course, improvement does not mean dispensing with workplace pandemic protocols. Management must continue to apply the disease prevention and limitation actions mandated by the applicable health authorities. See, One Big Scrappy Family, California’s Coronavirus Response Statewide and Local(August 7, 2020).

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