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Mandatory Semi-Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 
The Advantages of Live Webinar Training

Every two years, California employers with five or more on payroll must provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive sexual harassment training and education to all California supervisory employees and at least one hour of such training to all nonsupervisory employees.

Employers must also provide such training within six months of a worker’s hire or promotion to a supervisory position.

The required instruction  includes:

  • information and practical guidance on federal and state standards to prevent, correct and remedy sexual harassment;
  • “practical examples aimed at instructing supervisors in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation”; and
  • prevention of abusive conduct.

From 15 years of classroom-style delivery, our live webinar training suits on-site and remote workers alike.  We track each employee’s interaction and attentiveness and aim through Q&A to achieve each participant’s thorough understanding of the materials.

Live classroom-style interactive webinars are superior to point-and-click e-training.

  • Real time interaction with trainer over Zoom, with ability to apply principles to specific work conditions;
  • Immediate answers to questions, benefitting all attendees on the webinar;
  • Employees will be called on randomly throughout, which means they typically pay closer attention;
  • Live training confirms company commitment to effectively addressing and preventing unlawful or inappropriate workplace conduct;
  • Proper emphasis on importance of information relative to specific scenarios; and
  • By the bulk of feedback we’ve received, our live sessions are engaging and interesting.

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July 20, 2022

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