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A Lesson in the Consequences of Alleged Quid Pro Quo Misconduct San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigns today in the wake of sexual harassment allegations from some 18 women over recent weeks. These include a former communications director, his former deputy campaign manager, a retired admiral, the president of the San Diego Port Tenants Association, […]

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Employer Liability For Workplace Harassment

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Slims Down Super-Sized Supervisor Definition Under federal and California law, employer liability for workplace harassment can depend entirely on the legal definition of a “supervisor.” The U.S. Supreme Court has recently clarified that definition under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in Vance v. Ball State University (June […]

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Private Household Workers in California

Special Overtime and “Room and Board” Rules Apply On our article “Caring for Caregivers,” a recent visitor to our website asked: “How much is housing and meal value [in my area] for a private household worker under California Wage Order 15?” As in every area of employment law, the answer of course depends on the […]

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Harassment in the Workplace is Illegal Prevention is the only viable solution Current regulations tighten trainer qualifications and impose heightened interactivity requirements, including questions that assess learning, skill-building activities and numerous hypothetical scenarios about harassment with follow-up discussion questions. We are offering an updated in-house, two-plus hour seminar, at your location, that will fulfill these […]

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Final Paycheck

What California Employers Must Pay Upon Termination A worker recently asked whether his now-former employer should have included sick time and vacation time in his final paycheck. He wrote: “I’m no longer working for [the employer] and I thought I was going to get my paid time off with my last check such as … […]

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Who is an “Employee” Under California’s Anti-Discrimination Law?

Some Volunteers May be Covered The California Court of Appeal has decided that the state’s workplace anti-discrimination law did not protect a former Los Angeles Police Department volunteer police reserve officer.  Estrada v. City of Los Angeles, published July 24, 2013.  However, the result would likely be the opposite for a private business in similar […]

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