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Senior Managers Must Prevent Supervisor Harassment, Discrimination It is illegal for employers to discriminate against or harass employees because of age, national origin, and other protected classifications.  An employer that terminates an employee for such reasons can anticipate a lawsuit for wrongful termination. Also, an employee resignation due to a discriminatory work environment created or […]

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OVER THE BORDERLINE State Agency Settles Sex and National Origin Discrimination Case for $450,0000 On July 26, 2019 the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) announced the $450,000 settlement of a sexual harassment, national origin and retaliation case against Pioneer Pines Mobile Home Park. The complainant, a female employee of Mexican descent who […]

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English-Only and Fluency Requirements for the Workplace

Breaking the Language Barrier A company catering to English-speaking clientele may implement appropriate English-only rules and language fluency requirements in the name of customer service.  However, such employers must ensure that such policies are fairly and only applied for business-based reasons.  For example, declining to hire an individual who speaks English proficiently with an unfamiliar […]

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